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Coltura's Programs

1. Cultural Intervention 

Coltura seeks to change cultural norms about the use of gasoline through mobile and interactive live performance, social media, and powerful imagery and video challenging the cultural status quo.   Coltura makes its own content, and curates content from artists and other creative people.  Our cultural intervention program is inspired by successful efforts to curb youth smoking and on innovative cultural techniques pioneered in Bogota, Colombia.


2. No Gasoline Planning

Coltura asks people to make a simple plan to purge their use of gasoline.  The plans are entered into Coltura’s database, and Coltura follows up regularly with plan participants.


3. Organize and Advocate

Coltura is building a broad coalition of people against the use of gasoline.  The coalition includes people affected by air pollution, environmentalists, and others pushing for an end to fossil fuel use.  Coltura also works with local governments to adopt a “no gasoline” goal as part of their long term agenda.  Coltura founded and organizes “No Gasoline Day,” an annual event calling for the end of gasoline usage.  The goal is for No Gasoline Day to become a nationally and internationally promoted event. 

No Gasoline Planning
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Cultural Intervention
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Organize & Advocate
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No Gasoline Planning:  Helping consumers plan to stop using gasoline.

Cultural Intervention:  Art, Performance, and Social Media changing the way American consumers perceive and use gasoline.

Organize and Advocate: Building a coalition to challenge the use of gasoline.